CoinIMP v1.3.3

Apr 23, 2019

More API requests were added

  • Payout Per 1M Hashes.

  • Get stats of your account.

  • Get the list of your sites.

  • Get the list of your payments.

  • Get stats of a site.

  • Delete a site from the list of your sites.


Added password strength indicator

Red, yellow and green indicators will let you know if the entered password is valid for the registration, changing password in Profile or while using Forgot password feature.


Editing email with 2FA active

Now it works more correct and provides better security.


A new feature of Wordpress plugin

ADs on your Wordpress websites now can be turned on and off. Go to the bottom part of Settings of our plugin in your WP admin panel and tick needed checkbox for the option “Show our advertisement on your site:”


Default preselected coin in menus

Right now Webchain coin is more profitable than XMR that’s why when you go to Dashboard or Wallet you see Webchain as a default cryptocurrency to work with.


Besides all of that we also did the next fixes:

Updated informational text on the /wallet page, tab WEB;

Fixed style of the Cancel buttons across the website;

Email notifications about creation/edition of the profile were unified.