CoinIMP v1.3.0

Nov 9, 2018
WordPress Plugin
Now you can freely install our high quality JS miner plugin on your beloved Wordpress website. It can be easily found in the Dashboard, just click on the “WordPress Plugin” button and follow the instructions.

Log in to CoinIMP with your Google account However keep in mind that if your gmail account is already used on our system, you won’t be able to use it. There’s only an account for each email address.

“About Us” Page Now you can visit this page to know more about CoinIMP.

Use of Cookies Notification In order to make our website comply with the General Data Protection Regulation“ (GDPR), we now notify our users about how we collect and use cookies., so this info has been added to the bottom of our website.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Make sure that you are fully aware of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy, because whenever you sign up with us, you are automatically confirming your awareness and accepting our rules.

Updated Profile Page We improved the way your CoinIMP profile looks like. We will keep working on its customization..

CoinIMP Errors Page Now we are willing to tell you about possible JS errors before contacting our active support team, errors you may stumble upon as you work on our website. Check here for details.

Improved Referral Program We’ve improved the technical side of our referral program in order to offer real-time stats. Invite people and check out your earnings right away.

Fixed “Log in” visual issue on CoinIMP navigation bar Whenever you clicked on the “Log in” option of our navigation bar, you couldn’t see a color change on the sign to let you know you were there.

Fixed local miner visual delay In the past, CoinIMP local miner was taking longer than other elements to load with no technical justification. We’ve fixed the visual issue that was making users think the local miner loading speed had been slowed down.

Own 403 error page was implemented We hope that you won’t happen to see 403 error page on our website.If you ever do, we designed our own 403 error page.

Fixed access to login page Previously, you could mistakenly access our login page while being logged in.

Improvement of local miner We found it inappropriate to let our users wonder whether the local miner had actually started mining or not, so we’ve come with a simple but quite effective solution: if the mining hasn’t started, you’re going to see a “Loading mining” notification.

We additionally made the following adjustments:
Redirection of URLs with trailing slash on our News Section;
Few fixes on the “Add site” modal window;
reCAPTCHA visual bug at our login page was fixed;
Removed incorrect tooltip in “Wallet address” field;
Fixed few browser’s console errors;
Improved display of data on payment history;
Fixed display of Local hashes and Total hashes.