CoinIMP v1.2.1

Sep 7, 2018
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
To ensure the security of our users, we have implemented this feature. All you need is an Android/iOS device with installed Google Authenticator app. You may find submenu of enabling 2FA in your CoinIMP Profile.

Update of the landing page
After the release of Webchain cryptocurrency (WEB) on CoinIMP, we also improved our landing page to look accordingly, letting users know the pros and the cons of both Webchain and Monero cryptocurrencies. You can find this info right below a section called “What is CoinIMP?”.

Legal documents have been added
Added Terms and conditions and Privacy policy documents to ensure legality and relationship transparency between CoinIMP and its users.

API improvement
We noticed that API requests were failing when the argument used uppercase letters for the currency tickers (XMR or WEB). We fixed it so users don’t get unnecessary errors while using CoinIMP API.

reCAPTCHA on login page
Now CoinIMP is secured from bot programs, which try to spam accounts. You might not like such verification method in general, but we had to do it, because we primarily care about the safe usage of our website.

Preventive measure for cases of slow updating statistics
In case CoinIMP panel cannot update your sites statistics, it will no longer show incorrect values of hashes to customers. Instead it will show a dash symbol, until actual values are fetched.

We additionally made the following adjustments:
added a sorting function to the Site module; is now correctly leading to the site's homepage;
images at news page are now responsive on all devices;
fixed incorrect behavior of “forgot password” submenu;
fixed visually incorrect currency (XMR instead of WEB) in pending balance and sites;
fixed: in some circumstances, deleting sites didn't work as intended;
fixed JavaScript errors in the DevTools Console for the 404 and 500 error pages;
fixed inability to change height value of notification about ongoing mining on mobile devices;
fixed overlapping footer at the left side menu on documentation page on mobile devices.