CoinIMP v1.1.9

Jul 10, 2018
CoinIMP Hash Calculator
Not sure what your revenues will be? We don’t want you to worry. You can now find a convenient hash calculator on your dashboard. It allows webmasters to estimate how much they can earn on their site for a specified period of time based on the number of hashes they expect.

API v2.0 was implemented
Although you can still use API v1.0, we highly recommend to use v2.0 from now on. In particular, it has improved security measures. To read what’s new, please go here .

Content Hiding Tool
Thanks to this new implemented feature, webmasters can decide whether their content is shown to users who are not willing to run CoinIMP script just by ticking the checkbox “Block showing your site content until mining is allowed” and adding the code to their sites. Once you are done setting up this new tool, your site’s visitors who disable CoinIMP miner will see a permanent message asking them to start CoinIMP by disabling the AD blocker so they can enjoy your content.

Manage your sites in a more practical way
Our team knows that improving functionality also means letting our users work more efficiently. We’ve come with a new way to add multiple sites at once just by clicking on “Save and add new”. Yes, no more modal windows, up to 50 sites can be added at once. You can’t believe it? Add your sites and find it out by yourself.

CoinImp - no more. We are CoinIMP
Simple but worth mentioning change on our branding name. We really hope it gives you a hint of what’s coming soon, doesn’t it? The best is yet to come!

We additionally fixed the following things:
IE and Edge users won’t have visual issues when managing their sites;
Our documentation subpage was improved for you;
We kept improving the mobile version of our website, check your CoinIMP dashboard wherever you go;
We hate making you wait! Enjoy real time updates on your pending balance during mining with no issues at all;
Accuracy on our notifications is a must, we started by applying changes during registration.;
We know how much our community likes our FAQ section. We placed it at the top so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom anymore.