CoinIMP v1.1.6 - 1.1.8

May 18, 2018
CoinIMP News was released
Thanks to our developers’ effort, everyone can now see News on our website. Since today we are going to use it actively.

Unknown ID Transactions status was fixed
A bug on the site let users see the status of transactions with unknown ID as “PAID”, after fixing this, it shows the correct “ERROR” status.

Links redirect was disabled
Earlier any page of our website with trailing slash at the end of the URL (e.g. would mistakenly lead users to a 404 error page . Now it’s fixed and leads to the respective page.

Improved management of sites in dashboard
With the implementation of our new feature all your sites have been divided into pages with 10 entries for each.

Number of registered users on the main page
Our team has developed this feature to let you realize the real number of users who have ever registered on CoinIMP.

We additionally fixed the following things:
Twitter share link on Referral program page;
500 error page;
404 error page ;
Text improvement;
Fixed horizontal scrolling for local hashes;
Solved some specific security cases.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!