CoinIMP v1.1.4

May 16, 2018
Added cache busters to URLs to static files
We think that at least once you had a situation when your friends were already using certain fresh functionality of the website or saw some new visual content while you couldn’t. It’s happening because of the browser’s cache which is saved on your local drive. Cache busters do not force you to clean the cache but help you to recognize a new content right away after it’s deployed.

Wallet page: USD earnings are invisible in a certain condition
If your internet connection has been lost while you were on a Wallet page, you are going to see only XMR without USD equivalent. As soon as connection is back, information from the server would be fetched with actual USD value of your XMR.

Centering modal windows
Earlier while opening any modal window in our panel you saw it being aligned to the top, which caused certain inconveniences. It’s not the case anymore, because now it’s centered.

Besides that we also did next things:
Moved "Contact us" to website footer;
Fixed character encoding of AV-friendly solution;
Fixed text about sharing a referral link.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!