CoinIMP v1.1.3

May 15, 2018

We are continuing to inform you about our updates. Now it's time for v1.1.3 of our panel.

Added affiliate link to localmonero in wallet section
Now you can conveniently cash out your Monero through the service

Fixed "You are not logged in" state in case of connection failure
Previously when your connection was lost, you were logged out of our system. Now you don’t need to worry about lost connection, because you will stay at the same position of our website until connection is back.

API keys: Revoke
Revoke button didn’t notify customers about consequences. Now it has a confirmation dialog with full explanation.

API keys: adding new public key
Newly added API public key wasn't visible in Dashboard until full reload of the page. Now it’s fixed.

Error 500 on add/edit action in menu Wallet
If entered wallet address contained spaces, customers were redirected to error 500 page. We resolved this problem.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!