CoinIMP v1.0.11 - 1.1.1

May 11, 2018

We highly recommend to get yourself familiar with this release in particular. During development we have implemented our own API, added 2 new pages in the menu and much more. Read the next short preview if you want to know more about it.

Additional JavaScript solution
While our script isn’t usually bothered by false detections from Ad Block extensions and antivirus software, sometimes our users had certain issues related to it. For that matter we have implemented an extra script, which is even more AV-friendly, and it’s free. You can find it in dashboard.

Implemented HTTP API
Not so long ago we informed you about the implementation of API. This time we are talking about it in the context of released versions, during one of which API was actually developed. Please go to Documentation page at Coinimp to read about our API in details.

Balance section was improved
Now you can see current exchange rate from USD to XMR based on data fetched from

Displaying last 10 payments on the main page
We added a list of successfully issued pay-outs. Click on any transaction hash number to see more details.

New page “Profile” added in menu
You can change your email and password there. We will keep improving it based on coming needs & trends.

New page “Contact Us” added in menu
Besides LiveChat you can reach us through a convenient form now.

Sharing referral links
Feel free to share your referral links through the most popular social platforms such as Twitter, Google+. Why not Facebook? Facebook doesn't like references to our website as you, our smart readers, do like. That's why we have temporarily disabled a possibility of sharing referral links through Facebook network until we manage to fix it. But you can still follow our Facebook page and read updates there.

Further socialization of CoinIMP
We are now at Twitter and Reddit. Follow us to stay updated.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!