CoinIMP v1.0.1 - 1.0.7

May 9, 2018

Take a look at our next edition of Release notes.

Support for integrated wallet addresses
Earlier only normal wallet addresses which consist of 95 characters were permitted. Now you can use integrated addresses which are 106 characters long, and allowed payouts to these wallets.

Notification about adding and editing wallet
Our system of managing wallet address has been changed. Now you won’t have any doubts about successfulness of adding or editing your wallet, because our system will notify you with a message.

Payment confirmation dialog
For a measure of securing customers’ earnings, we have added a confirmation dialog window in the section “Wallet” which is triggered when you click button “Pay” if your balance allows to issue a payout (minimal value is 0.10 XMR). You may confirm or cancel payout.

Improvement of “Payment History”
In the "Payment History" section of the "Wallet" page you can now see the address of the wallet to which payout was issued.

All actions for “Sites” in modal windows
Functional buttons related to adding website (“Add”, “Generate Site code for background mining”, “Edit Site” and “Delete Site”) now can be opened in a convenient modal windows instead of opening each button in the new tab of browser, like it was before.

Number of Referrers
“Referral program” section of the “Dashboard” now showcases an actual number of referrers who have registered account from your unique referral link. It is visible to the right of “Total earned”.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!