CoinIMP v1.0.0

May 8, 2018

Would you like to know more exciting features which we have implemented lately and which you might not even know about?

Then take a look at our inaugural edition of Release notes of version 1.0.0. That is a story of what we started with and how we managed to evolve through a time.

JS mining script
Our priority was to make working solution first. Here's what it offers to you: It’s very easy to install on your website. Copy a code, save changes and enjoy. Adblocking extensions and Antivirus software are not bothered by our solution at all, which makes usage of it absolutely harmless for both webmaster and end user. Lowest fee on the market - 1%.

What is required for a high quality product? To have a user-friendly interface, where all important things are right before your eyes for the most efficient working. The end result of such thinking is the Dashboard. We used the best practices across the Web to make it closer to perfection. It consists of: Information about hasrate, total hashes and pending balance is placed in the top section of the screen; Local miner is next down below. Easy access to speed and threads configuration. Valuable information about hashes/sec and local hashes. Just click “Start mining” - and you’re in.

How can some payment exist without a wallet? Wallets are everywhere from the real life wallet all the way to the biggest companies in the world with their complex electronic wallets. We made it also for Coinimp. If you already have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can simple add it to your account. If not - just go to or any other website of your choice to create it and then come back to our site and use it.

Referral program
By using this feature you will be able to earn even more XMR. All you need to do is to invite as much of your friends as you can. We are open for everybody and all of you will have a great time with Coinimp.

Slider to regulate cpu usage from 10% to 100%
Any webmaster now can easily adjust a level of CPU throttling according to his needs. Just set it to a desired value, copy a code of the script and embed into your website’s code. Value of throttling goes from 0 to 0,9, where 0 stands for 0 throttling and 0,9 - 90%. Last option makes CPU usage extremely low because only 10% of it would be effectively loaded. Our hardworking Imp recommends to use it carefully. Higher value of throttling - less profit!

Documentation section being added
Everything you should know about our solution is placed in this section. You can read about it here.

Navigating to a Wallet page while being logged out
Earlier it was ending with a "500 Internal Server Error". Now it’s correctly leading to the Login page.

Boring classic “500 Internal Server Error”
Oh, by the way, error 500 has got its new unique look. Our Imp doesn’t like to feel dizzy often. Do not upset him and he will bring you more XMR as appreciation.

Checkbox "Remember me" on the login page
Fixed. Earlier full closing of the browser session caused unchecking of this checkbox. It builded up a certain inconvenience for a quickness of using.

Small stuff
Many other small fixes and mini features not mentioned above. We share only the most important things, but our professional team of programming Imps is a lot busier than release notes suggest!